Privacy Policy

Robert's commitment to protecting your privacy is high on our list of priorities. In order to ensure the security and safety of the information we collect, we provide this policy explaining our information practices.

The Information We Collect

The types of indentifiable information that may be requested include:

Contact Name
Company Name
Email Address
Mailing Address
Phone Number

Information That Is Stored

None of the information we collect is stored online at this time. Any identifiable information being stored, is contained on a local hard drive and is being used for contact and billing purposes only.

How We Use Information

We may collect other information, such as billing information. We will never sell, or otherwise share your information with a third party or affiliate.

Our Data Security Practices

Offline data is stored in an email address book or database that cannot be accessed by anyone outside our office. If at some point we begin storing your personal information online, we will use professional grade encryption to store your information in a database. The database will be password protected, and cannot be accessed without the password or decryption key. No one outside of our office will have access to the information.